The museumnacht shows you the museums from Leiden in another night light.




We are currently working hard to make Museum Night Leiden 2020 possible. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to buy tickets. As soon as the Passe-partouts are available, they will be offered here online and via our Facebook (Museumnacht Leiden). Follow our Facebook and Instagram to stay informed!


You can profit from different discounts by buying your ticket in time. You get a discount when you get a ticket online in advance, but there is also a special discount for members of LUF and CJP. If you make use of this, it is important to bring a valid LUF or CJP card with you when you pick up your wristband on the day itself. Buying tickets with a discount is only possible online!


We are currently working hard to make Museum Night Leiden 2020 possible. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to buy tickets.


The Museumnacht Leiden 2019 kicks off at the Beestenmarkt on Saturday the 18th of may. From 17.00 onward you can have a drink in the sun while listening to a variety of wonderful music. In addition, you can challenge your friends to a lasergame battle. Battle it out and show everyone that you’re the king or queen of the arena. Whether you would like to have a drink or do an activity, there is something for everyone. Start your Museumnacht by visiting the Beestenmarkt! We hope to see you there!

The Hortus is the oldest botanical garden in Western-Europe. Four centuries of collecting, caring, studying and examining have produced a wonderful garden where the fascinating plants of Asia, Southern Europe and Africa are all within reach. Both the greenhouses and the gardens are opened during the Museum Night.

The Oude Sterrewacht is the oldest existing observatory in the world. The observatory is still used for research and training of astronomers. Visit the interactive exhibition at the visitors centre and build your own 3D galaxy.

Neem een stap terug in de tijd in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden! Ontdek de archeologische rijkdommen die het museum rijk is. Ontrafel de geheimen uit Egypte en ga op avontuur in de Middeleeuwse Tuinen. Volg een Middeleeuwse dansworkshop, maak je mooi door de bloemenschminkers  en waag een dans bij de Egyptische Tempel en de gigantische Keizerbeelden!

Please note: This program will take place in Old School on the Pieterskerkhof

Language is everywhere, in whatever shape or form it may be. It influences and binds us regardless where you’re from. Stop by the Taalmuseum Leiden and discover everything there is to know about indigenous languages. Master tips and tricks to increase your fluency in a variety of regions, or take a walk past the famous mural poems that are hidden throughout the old city heart of Leiden.

Museum Volkenkunde is a museum about humans. People all over the world face the same questions about life. The answers they give, differ from each other and are often culturally determined. Each object from our collection tells a human story. Stories about loving, giving, celebrating, decorating or fighting. They make us curious about the enormous cultural diversity the world has to offer. A walk through the museum opens your view on the world; from Bali to Guatemala, from Oceania to the Arctic and from Mecca to Djenné. In Museum Volkenkunde you discover that despite the differences, we are all the same: human.

Experience Japan without going to the airport? Come to the SieboldHuis Japan Museum during the Museum Night and experience the best of Japan! Beautiful prints, fascinating maps, Japanese lacquer and clothing. All these treasures were collected by the Bavarian doctor Philipp Franz von Siebold between 1823 and 1829

The Wevershuis demonstrates ‘a different side to Leiden’. The side of the rich elite with its monumental houses on the Rapenburg, but the side of the workers. At the Wevershuis workers wove and lived since 1561. The Wevershuis itself, and its scarce furnishings form the museum. In addition, 6 to 8 times a year there are temporary exhibitions. Within the weaving room an antique loom is still being used. The last inhabitants of the Wevershuis were students. One of them has even lived there for 45 years, from 1956 until 2001.

Erfgoed Leiden is hidden between the Witte Singel and the Vliet. This is the place for people with a heart for the past. Here you discover more of your past. Heritage Leiden will show you the value of old stories, buildings, archeology and archives.

Windmill De Valk is the only windmill left of the 19 windmills that once stood on the Leiden city walls. In the mill you can see how people used to live in there and how the mill works. If you dare you can take the stairs to the top and enjoy the well-deserved view over our beautiful city!

Are you done with the museums (temporarily) and want to enjoy some outdoor air? Go outside and discover what the Night trail has to offer! Step onto a tour boat to get to another destination or board one of our tuktuks. On the road you will be surprised by the young talent that lights up the Night trail!

After a large renovation, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave is open to the public again. As a treasure trove of science and medicine, we tell you all about the most important discoveries in our Dutch history of science.

Celebrate 444 in ‘het Academiegebouw’! Because it’s the University’s 444th birthday, we want to celebrate that with you during the Museumnacht Leiden. A celebration with a golden touch. Lectures are given, students give demonstrations, there will be a tour, there is a party with karaoke and there will be music everywhere.

The Leiden Museum Night is not over until the music stops – so there is no reason to go home on time! This year the afterparty will once again take place in the Gebr. de Nobel. Come dance and talk about the Museum Night Leiden 2018 from 00:30am. There will be limited places, so be on time because full = full. Come and dance all night with a beer in your hand!

The following means of transport are free if you show your Museumnacht wristband during the event:

  • Boats: The Leidse Rederij provides taxi-tours on the water between three boarding points in the inner city.
  • Tuktuks: Be transported by these motorized bikes.

Parking & Shuttles: Cheap parking is possible at the Haagweg close to the city parking place. The shuttle then brings you to one of the four stops.


The Museumnacht Leiden is organised by Stichting Museumnacht Leiden in collaboration with the Museums of Leiden. Stichting Museumnacht Leiden consist of thirteen students who are all a member of A. L. S. V. Quintus.

Besides the permanent expositions of the participating museums the entire night is enriched by a mulititude of workshops, presentations, performances, dj’s, art, guided tours and films. Through the use of the website, social media and a detailed program booklet the visitors are given the opportunity to chose their own program for the night.




For press and media questions you can contact Jelle van Pinxteren of the PR department of the Museumnacht Leiden.

Press releases are also available in English.


Their are no press releases this edition.



Jelle Schellekens | Voorzitter

Yvette Broex | Secretaris

Rowan Rip | Penningmeester

Daniel Jacobs | Acquisitie

Sheline Kap | Acquisitie

Yannick Versteeg | Acquisitie              

Jelle van Pinxteren | PR – PERS

Lisan Zegger | PR – PRINT

Sanne Heynen | PR – ONLINE


Florine de Villeneuve | Museum Volkenkunde & Nachtpad

Brechtje Stam | Erfgoed Leiden & Molenmuseum De Valk

Emma Klinkenbijl | Rijksmuseum van Oudheden & Nachtpad

Eline Kuiper | Rijksmuseum Boerhaave

Vera van Erkel | Sterrewacht & Hortus Botanicus

Jelle Blom | Taalmuseum & Museum het Leids Wevershuis

Nicole Lambertina | Japansmuseum SieboldHuis


Maarten van der Meer | Algemeen contactpersoon techniek


Maarten van der Meer | Voorzitter

Ysbrand Lamers | Penningmeester

Sarah Fijen | Secretaris/Sponsor- en fondsenwerving

Caroline van der Elst | PR

Anne van den Maagdenberg | Programma


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